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Honey Gold cotton baseball cap

    Knowledge Cotton Apparel  Casquette Baseball Coton Honey GoldKnowledge Cotton Apparel  Casquette Baseball Coton Honey Gold

The Knowledge Cotton Apparel Pacific in Serge's cap is a conventional baseball cap supplemented by a tone -on -tone owl logo on the front. Find the Knowledge locker room and the other song caps: 100% organic cotton certifications: GOTS. 91 % water consumption in less than 61 % energy consumption in less than 46 % less carbon dioxide; Vegan. Manufacturing: China by Shanghai Fashionorganic Co., Ltd.

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Knowledge Cotton Apparel was built on an ethos of just that – knowledge. Founded in 1969, the brand took all aspects of its impact into consideration from the get go, working with cotton farmers and textile factories in a way that advocated care and responsibility for all those involved, including the environment. It’s a business model that’s admirable, and envied by many today – a model based on doing good, on successes beyond a company’s bank balance. Today the brand add ‘action’ and ‘respect’ to their founding principles, alongside ‘knowledge’, as they continue to look for new ways to minimize their impact through innovation and change-making.

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Honey Gold cotton baseball cap

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