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Sepia Cup And Saucer 270ml

Designed by
    Kinto Sepia Cup And Saucer 270mlKinto Sepia Cup And Saucer 270ml

Like looking into an old photo, Kinto SEPIA evokes a sense of nostalgia and comfort. Inspired by objects found in an antique market, the items add sophistication and relaxation to your coffee or tea scene. The square shaped handle of the mug helps you grip firmly. The tray is elegant with thick handles made of solid wood.

There is coating on the surface to prevent items from slipping and to serve items smoothly.

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Brand Kinto

Japanese brand Kinto designs and produces coffee, tea and drinkware accessories which encourage us to slow down and enjoy the ritual of preparing, consuming and sharing tea and coffee. From sleek kettles designed not to drip to travel tumblers, water bottles and brushed brass coffee brewer sets, Kinto is a go-to brand for anyone who loves caffeine in all its forms.

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Colour: Amber

Cup diameter:75mm Height: 65ml Width:115 mm Capacity: 270 ml

Saucer diameter:130mm Height:17 mm

Designed in Japan

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Sepia Cup And Saucer 270ml

Designed by
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