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African Ranger Buffalo Skin Boots

Designed by
Jim Green
     Jim Green African Ranger Buffalo Skin Boots Jim Green African Ranger Buffalo Skin Boots Jim Green African Ranger Buffalo Skin Boots Jim Green African Ranger Buffalo Skin Boots Jim Green African Ranger Buffalo Skin Boots

The Boot that Puts Boots onto Rangers

Each year hundreds of buffalo are removed from our local reserves for diseases and population control measures, with everything on the animal being utilized but the skin we decided something needed to be done.

We sent out a skinning and salting team into a conservancy (logistical nightmare) to gather and prepare these skins for our tannery.

These skins were purchased from the reserve, raising much needed funds for a by-product that would have been disposed of.

Not only do we raise funds for the reserve by purchasing the skins but we will also through the sale of the boots donate a bunch of boots to rangers in need through our Boots for Rangers Program.

A full circle process from start to finish.

50% of Rangers don’t have access to sufficient Boots and Gear and over 40% are required to purchase their own Boots.

With the future of our wilderness areas in the hands of those with boots on the ground, Jim Green Footwear and The Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA) have come together to make sure this issue is addressed.

Inadequate gear for rangers leads to a low morale and effects rangers wellbeing. With Rangers being on the front line of our conservation areas, a quality pair of boots is essential for everyday tasks

We put out a survey to Rangers from Across Africa and from that pulled together various focus points as to what is needed in the ultimate all round Ranger Boot. From that we give to you the African Ranger – A Boot Designed By Rangers For Rangers

NB: Due to the extreme conditions African Buffalo live in, the leather will vary from pair to pair, every boot will have a unique texture and look to it. The product images used show the difference between what you can get.

Longer break in period compared to the original leathers we use as African Buffalo skin is very tough and rugged

  • 3 main focus areas: comfort, durability and affordable price
  • 2.2 mm full grain leather for added durability
  • Double layer leather at heel and toe against increased abrasion
  • Heel and Toe stiffeners between leather layer for added stability
  • Soft leather collar and tongue for comfort and weight reduction
  • Steel shank between the insole board and sole for extra support and stability
  • Single lasted stitch down construction, can be easily resoled
  • Double stitched assembly with 2.2 mm braided nylon cord
  • OR sole: genuine rubber wedge sole for best grip, comfort and speed on sandy areas, longer days on foot, speed hikes and urban areas.
  • Softer rubber compound (shore hardness 55-65) keeps the Ranger quiet when walking through the African bush
  • Heavy-duty hooks and eyelets to secure feet
  • True to size
  • STC Last = Wide toe box, EE Width
  • Made in South Africa

For every 10 pairs sold, Jim Green donate a pair to a Ranger

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African Ranger Buffalo Skin Boots

Designed by
Jim Green
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