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Maguelone Cashmere Pitcher

Designed by
    Jars  Maguelone Cashmere PitcherJars  Maguelone Cashmere PitcherJars  Maguelone Cashmere PitcherJars  Maguelone Cashmere PitcherJars  Maguelone Cashmere PitcherJars  Maguelone Cashmere Pitcher

The irregular round of a coveted island. Gentle wind in the pines. Light and sensitive forms, the charm of luminous enamels.

This is the very poetic description of Jars to talk about the Maguelone collection.

The beauty of this collection lies in its soft shapes, its bright colors and its nuances of materials. Indeed, this pitcher has a matte finish on the lower part, with a slightly powdery touch, and is glazed on the upper part and on the inside, with a smooth and glossy touch. The Maguelone collection, composed of plates, dishes, goblets, and pitcher comes in 3 colors. We have selected for you this rounded pitcher, color "cashmere", a shade of gray very soft blue.

Since 1857, the craft of the earth has been passed from generation to generation. Their secular know-how has raised Jars to the rank of the French companies of the Living Heritage (EPV label).

Sandstone paste is made exclusively from natural components. Sandstone is arguably the strongest and most natural ceramic. Colored enamels are also derived from Jars know-how, without adding toxic material (lead or cadmium). It is during its baking at high temperature (1280 C °) that the clays composing its fine paste vitrify and give the sandstone its character of "noble ceramics".

Each piece is entirely handmade to order. Each of the pieces is unique: "neither quite the same, nor quite another", and can thus present slight nuances.

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Brand Jars

Size: 18 × 11 × 13 cm with handle, 0.750 kg

Material: Ceramic

Care: Jars crockery is very resistant and is quite suitable for modern use dishwasher and microwave use

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Maguelone Cashmere Pitcher

Designed by
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