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Avocado Vase: Various Colours

Designed by
Ilex studio
    Ilex studio Avocado Vase: Various ColoursIlex studio Avocado Vase: Various ColoursIlex studio Avocado Vase: Various ColoursIlex studio Avocado Vase: Various ColoursIlex studio Avocado Vase: Various Colours

The same best selling Avocado Vase, but now in a raft of difference colours to better suit your space. Growing an avocado plant is fun, engaging and rewarding. Not to mention it is one of the heartiest and handsome house plants you can grow. The Avocado Vase’s pure and simple design, based on the principles of minimalism, timelessness, and functionality, allows you to observe the avocado seed as it matures, giving an insight into the plants' first stages of life. The vase refines the traditional method of growing, skipping the toothpicks, and utilising the opening to cradle the seed keeping it dry as it sprouts and encouraging the roots to flourish freely. The vase includes a 36-page handbook, which thoughtfully guides the user with detailed steps for germinating the seed and growing the avocado plant. The handbook contains useful tips and advice on the subjects of water, light, pruning and repotting. As well as historical references and artistic inspirations How long will it take for my avocado plant to grow? Within 2-3 weeks the seed will germinate and the roots will begin to emerge // After 4 weeks, the leaves will sprout and the roots will start to extend into the vase's chamber // After 6 weeks the plant and its leaves will be a few inches tall and the roots will begin to fill the chamber // Please note that each individual plant's growth rate varies depending on the amount of sunlight and warmth it is receiving in your home. PLEASE NOTE: Avocado not included.

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Width: 15cm


Length: 15cm

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