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      7 Day Detox Collection Tea Gift Set

      From Eteaket in Edinburgh, United Kingdom
        Eteaket 7 Day Detox Collection Tea Gift SetEteaket 7 Day Detox Collection Tea Gift SetEteaket 7 Day Detox Collection Tea Gift SetEteaket 7 Day Detox Collection Tea Gift SetEteaket 7 Day Detox Collection Tea Gift SetEteaket 7 Day Detox Collection Tea Gift SetEteaket 7 Day Detox Collection Tea Gift SetEteaket 7 Day Detox Collection Tea Gift Set

      This amazing set from eteaket includes our 7 Day Detox Tea Chest for all those looking to enjoy the healthy hydration of these 7 wonderful teas!  With everything you need to create each infusion to perfection. 
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      Blueberry Rooibos (about 10g) - a bright fresh fruity Rooibos with the character of fresh wild blueberries and a sweet and tangy aroma. High quality Rooibos is blended with blueberry, elderberry, raisins, apple, cornflowers and hibiscus to create this colourful cup.

      Perfect Peppermint (about 10g) - a cool and invigorating herbal infusion  Peppermint tea helps to cleanse your palate and aid digestion and is perfect for those with a caffeine intolerance, and like the Prince of Bel-Air our Perfect Peppermint is most definitely Fresh!

      Lemon & Ginger (about 10g)- this herbal infusion is like a hug in a mug. Fragrant lemongrass is expertly blended with lemon peel, ginger peel and just a hint of liquorice. Fabulous as a cold buster in winter but makes a truly remarkable iced tea in the summer!

      Cranberry Apple Riot (about 10g) - Our Cranberry Apple Riot fruit infusion is quite simply a superlative blend of cranberry and apple pieces that produces a riotous fruity taste! The apple creates a beautifully sweet taste with the  cranberry pieces adding a slightly tart finish. An absolute riot in a tea cup.

      Decaffeinated Breakfast Blend (about 10g) - this tea hails from Sri Lanka and has all the good bits of a strong hearty black tea blend but without the caffeine. Even though it’s a decaf, we have managed to retain all the taste because the leaves were decaffeinated naturally at origin whilst in the green leaf state - that’s right, no nasty chemical processing.  Our Decaf Breakfast Tea is a true guilt-free pleasure.

      Gyokuro (about 10g) - Our Gyokuro is our favourite green tea here at eteaket HQ, deep, dark and mysterious… just how we like our men. The bushes used for this rare and much coveted Gyokuro tea are shaded for the first 3 weeks of May while the first flush develops. This decreases the bitterness and results in a sweet, flavourful cup. Gyokuro is considered Japan’s best tea. Raise a cup and show your appreciation.

      White Peony (about 5g) - this white tea is made from the buds and leaves that remain after the more famous Silver Needle has been harvested. This tea is a winner in its own right without stealing all the limelight. The fresh and mellow brew has notes of melon and is very good for you.

      We are proud to have worked with Andy Johnston, brand and graphic designer of Edinburgh-based design company Andelad, to create this stylish tea chest. This unique design has some subtle Scottish touches on the outside - thistles leaves and stag antlers intertwined with tea ingredients - opening up to reveal a burst of colour, joy and excitement inside - just as with eteaket teas!

      The fantastic Infuser Mug will add colour to your table! With a built-in infuser, it allows you to brew your tea in the mug, then simply remove the infuser and pop on the handy saucer.

      This three minute sand tea timer is a must-have to ensure the perfect infusion every time! The colour may vary.

      Our wonderful Tea Guide also includes all you need to know to make a perfect loose leaf infusion every time!


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      7 Day Detox Collection Tea Gift Set

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      Direct from an independent boutique:
      Eteaket in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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