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Windsor Shaving Stick

Designed by
D. R. Harris
    D. R. Harris Windsor Shaving Stick

D. R. Harris Windsor Shaving Stick is made using the same high quality solid shaving soap as used in our wooden shaving bowls. The plastic container format makes this item very convenient for travelling.

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D. R. Harris’s story begins on St James’s Street in London, UK – where Harris’s Apothecary shop was established, just before 1790. The shop made its name selling aromatic lavender water, classic cologne and perfumes based on the fragrances of English flowers. Over the last two centuries, D. R. Harris have achieved a lot, including the warrant to be the chemist to her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. Today, D. R. Harris continue to operate from their St James’s Street store, and have an extensive range that incorporates soaps, shaving creams, skincare and more. None of the brand’s products are tested on animals and they aim to use as few animal-derived products as possible. If animal products are used, they are sourced as sustainably and responsibly as possible.

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