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Snake Plant

    Catkin & Pussywillow Snake Plant

Snake plant, also known as Mother-in-laws tongue. Circa 40cm tall.

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This Winchester-based boutique offers whimsical botanicals at their best, providing an eclectic selection of gifts and homeware, alongside a dazzling array of dried flower bouquets, freshly cut flowers and verdant plants. Their gift sets are a no-brainer for a good friend or loved one. Designed to suit any occasion, they include a variety of home- and self-care essentials, such as potted plants, scented candles, hand lotion, hand wash and tea – all beautifully scented or inspired by natural botanicals, of course. Some of their dried bouquets come in letterbox-sized packaging, for easy delivery, whilst others are pre-arranged in a vase for a hassle-free display. Whilst you’re browsing, why not pick up a greetings card or luxury chocolate bar too?

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