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"Bussola Art C015"

Designed by
Authentic Models
    Authentic Models "bussola Art C015"Authentic Models "bussola Art C015"Authentic Models "bussola Art C015"

Dimensions: 12x12x8.5 The North Atlantic is a place that does not forgive. Crazy storms, fog benches and adverse weather conditions make navigation a survival problem. This compass is completely a faithful replica of a compass for Dory. Dory's batteries were sailed to large benches and individual fishermen left with lines and equipped for a day. The cod fishermen used a similar compass to find the road to the mother ship, a sailing goal. The massive bronze cardan compass is located inside a box with French finishes, expertly handmade.

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The décor in our interior tells the stories of our lives. Reflecting the memories we cherish, the pursuits we enjoy, our family history and all the things that interest or matter to us. With some pieces chosen for their tangible connection, others purely for their aesthetic appeal. At Authentic Models, we combine the two through elegantly handcrafted furniture, objects and ornaments which capture the essence of an era or interest via meaningful and surprising design. Inspired by an adventurous spirit, our collections celebrate style, leisure, and adventure. Treading in the footsteps of history while also exploring beyond the beaten track.

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