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Aluminum car

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Indianapolis aluminum car with red seat. Fans of technical progress in the 1930s loved to compete on the track with the legendary B.B. Korn commonly called "spindizzy" or "pylon machines". They reached amazing speeds continuously imposing on the competition of prohibitive standards. The founder of the B.B. Korn Manufacturing Company Barney Korn made numerous Spindizzy models which today as vintage cars are sold at auction at dizzying prices. For the children of its customers Korn designed and built Indianapolis which was a real revelation among the cars without engine in the pre -war period. The intent was to involve the little ones and entice them to the sport of motoring. With the dashboard equipped with indicators, the rubber tires and the body in hand pollutary aluminum, our Indianapolis is an authentic tribute to the great Korn.

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The décor in our interior tells the stories of our lives. Reflecting the memories we cherish, the pursuits we enjoy, our family history and all the things that interest or matter to us. With some pieces chosen for their tangible connection, others purely for their aesthetic appeal. At Authentic Models, we combine the two through elegantly handcrafted furniture, objects and ornaments which capture the essence of an era or interest via meaningful and surprising design. Inspired by an adventurous spirit, our collections celebrate style, leisure, and adventure. Treading in the footsteps of history while also exploring beyond the beaten track.

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