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Amazing Mum Diffuser - Rose Water And Ivy 150g

    Aromatherapy Co. NZ Amazing Mum Diffuser - Rose Water And Ivy 150gAromatherapy Co. NZ Amazing Mum Diffuser - Rose Water And Ivy 150g

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, the Aromatherapy Co. produce 100% pure and natural essential oils and beautiful bespoke fragrance, free from parabens, sodium laurel sulphates and mineral oils, made under the strictest supervision and to the highest regulated sustainable standards. The product range includes candles, fragrance diffusers, essential oils, body lotions, washes and creams. Illuminate your inner energy with this fresh, aromatic pick-me-up. This invigorating floral scent infuses your environment with feelings of light, strength and energy, refreshing you with Rose & Ivy essential oils. A therapeutic way to fragrance your home, this reed diffuser with the essential blend of rose water & ivy, creates a soothing, floral aroma. Infuse your environment with love, purity and harmony. The sweet scent of rose water will warm and support the senses to help dispel nervous tension and stress. It is widely used to invoke positive thoughts, energy and happiness. This delicately fragranced scent has a cooling effect on the body and mind, and will ground you and reconnect you with earth's energies. This pleasant, deep scent can balance and refresh your environment, and deliver an overall feeling of wellbeing. The Therapy Range is a collection of body care and home fragrance products that are blended with a range of essential oils to create alluring, layered aromas and bring the benefits of essentials oils into everyday life. Beneficial to the mind, body and soul, this selection of fragrance blends create signature layered aromas distinct to this collection. Box dimensions: 250 h 100 w 100 d mm

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Amazing Mum Diffuser - Rose Water And Ivy 150g

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