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White Plisse Cordless Electric Kettle UK Plug

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    Alessi White Plisse Cordless Electric Kettle UK PlugAlessi White Plisse Cordless Electric Kettle UK Plug

A haute couture accessory… Plissé is an electric kettle made from thermoplastic resin characterised by pretty folds which give it a particularly chic form.

According to Michele De Lucchi, who designed Plissé, "A form with no folds is just a volume without form".

Coming from a very ancient technique, this folding method applied to this kettle is undeniably similar to the one that you can find on haute couture clothes. Elegant down to the smallest details, Plissé is available in black or white and its power supply base has been hidden inside of the kettle.

This very practical kettle also has a thermally insulated base, which allows it to be placed directly on any surface.

Height 29 cm Diam 21cm, Capacity: 170 cl.

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Brand Alessi

You can count on Alessi for form, function and fun. Established in 1921, Alessi strive to bring design dreams to life in a way that enlivens emotion for the end user. The Italy-based brand takes ordinary everyday objects and elevates them to iconic status – the whistle of the stove-top kettle takes shape as a singing bird, whilst the Salif citrus squeezer has earned cult status owing to its retro-future tripod design. From a quirky homeware gift to an elegant kitchen utensil or tool, Alessi’s well-designed pieces bring contemporary Italian design, and a touch of humour, to the home.

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White Plisse Cordless Electric Kettle UK Plug

Designed by
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