Trouva Wedding List Service

Trouva has the perfect product range for any major milestone or celebration, whether you are getting married or welcoming a new addition to your family, make it easy for your friends and family to buy you your favorite one of a kind gifts from our community of independent shops!

In conjunction with MyRegistry you will be able to add all the Trouva products you desire to your Wedding registry. You will also be able to combine Trouva products with items from other online stores and even give your friends and family the option to give you a cash gift in lieu of gifts. You will get updates from MyRegistry when one of your loved ones buys something from your list and your list public list will only show products that have not been bought yet.

How to Start

Create a Trouva List with conjunction with MyRegistry here

Create a login and follow all the steps to create your gift list (you can skip the cash gift fund if you’re in a hurry to add products!). Confirm your account via the email you receive and get started with adding products! Click here to start!

Add Trouva products

Once you have created your gift list and have confirmed your account, adding Trouva products is easy!

  1. Before starting, make sure that the bookmark bar is visible on your browser.
  2. Start by going to the “My Gifts” tab in the navigation bar.
  3. Click on the “Add Gifts” section of your gift list page and follow the directions in the “Add from any online store” section of the page.
  4. Add the “Add to MYREGISTRY” button to your bookmark bar by manually dragging the button up to the bar.
  5. Once the button is added to your bookmarks bar, come back to to start adding products to your list!
  6. When you find a product you wish to add, go to the product page, click on the button button that’s saved on your bookmark bar.
  7. A pop-up page will appear with the details of the Trouva product for you to review.
  8. You can add a quantity on this page if you want more than one of the item.9
  9. You will have to change the currency from USD to GBP if you are located in the UK.
  10. Once quantities and currencies are correct you can save the item.
  11. You can either go back to MyRegistry to see the products you have added to your list or stay on Trouva to continue adding products.
  12. Once you have added everything you wish

Share the List with your friends!

Once you have added all the products you wish to receive, you can share your list with your family and friends for them to browse. They will be able to purchase the items on your list directly from

Any questions?

Contact our friendly team at!