At Trouva, we have five company values that guide our decision making and help us aspire to a shared set of goals.

Own the ambition

We’re building an ambitious, global, disruptive business so we need ambitious individuals on our team. That means we all must take ownership of the development of the company and of ourselves.Whether it’s following up on meeting actions, fixing problems without being asked, or fostering understanding when communication breaks down. Trouva people are committed to getting it done.To keep moving forward, we continuously seek opportunities to improve and develop our skills so we can grow together on our journey. Because for every person at Trouva, the sky’s the limit.

Good is better than perfect

Whilst we all want to build the best product possible, perfectionism kills progress.The key to moving ahead is knowing good is better than perfect. That’s why we don’t let fear or the quest for perfection keep us from finishing things. For some, done is better than perfect. But for us, done is not enough. Our expectation of quality shapes who we hire, which products we sell and how we operate. Because we are picky and proud of what we do. Here at Trouva, it’s okay to fail as long as it’s in pursuit of quality and we carry the lessons with us.

Build community through communication

To realise our vision of a thriving global community, we must build great relationships. We are respectful and informative in our internal and external communication.That way we create the trust and rapport that are the foundation of community. We’re a talented bunch but we’re not telepathic. Talking to each other helps us understand where priorities lie, what to work on, how to help and why we’re doing it.But broadcasting is not enough. When we have something to share, we ask ourselves who need to know what and then ensure they’ve received and understood.

Challenge yourself and each other

We believe that the status quo is never set in stone. We like to challenge the norm and relish being challenged. We thrive on innovation whilst taking advantage of what has gone before. We don’t seek change for change’s sake and use others’ learnings to help us reach the next level. In order to reach the best outcomes, we want people to be open. To speak up if they disagree with something or observe an opportunity to improve. To request critical feedback. To suggest solutions that help individuals and the company grow.

Make somebody’s day better

We work hard and inspire the best in each other by setting a good example and being supportive. It’s easy to forget to do if we’re busy or tired. So we’re committed every day to making one person’s day better by sprinkling a little magic on proceedings.We go out of our way to bring joy to customers and colleagues. It’s as simple as a cup of tea, an understanding ear, or recognition of a job well done.We’re mindful of those around us and respect our communal work environment. Remembering always to treat others as we wish to be treated.