Our values

We have 7 strong company values that guide our decision making and help us aspire to a shared set of goals.

1. An independent future

Empowering bricks-and-mortar retailers with technology to create a better world.

We believe that with the right technology, the best independent bricks-and-mortar boutiques will thrive in the future. We see a world where both bricks-and-mortar and online retail work together seamlessly. The winners will be the independents on the high street who are both masters of product curation and adopters of technology.

2. Community

We are building connections between retailers and customers beyond the transaction.

We are growing a community which connects independent boutiques with customers who love them. Being part of our community is a two-way relationship; the more you contribute the more you get back. Our vision is to be much more than a sales platform, we want to be the destination for like-minded boutiques and customers.

3. Be ambitious

We’re an ambitious company made up of ambitious people.

We’re building a global company and want individuals with big ambitions on our team. To become the global network for independent retailers, we need people who want to take on responsibility and grow with us. The sky's the limit for individuals at Trouva, we want people with drive to join us on our journey.

4. Move forward

The key to moving ahead is following through.

We like to get things done and believe that good is better than perfect. We don’t let fear or the quest for perfection keep us from finishing things and believe it's ok to fail as long as we learn from it. To help us move forward together we over-communicate with each other.

5. Pursue quality

Be proud of what you produce.

We strive for quality in everything we do; from the boutiques and their distinctive products to the standard of our communications. We are picky and proud of what we do.

6. Challenge

We believe that the status quo is never set in stone.

We like to challenge the norm and relish being challenged. We thrive on innovation whilst taking advantage of what has gone before and use others’ learnings to help us reach the next level. In order to get the best minds and the best outcomes, we expect people to speak up if they disagree with something.

7. Be human

We work hard and inspire the best in each other.

We respect and value human relationships. We are aware of those around us and treat others as we wish to be treated. Our workplace is one where we are judged on our merits.