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5 Decorating Tips for a Small Bathroom

City slickers, rejoice. Your awkward bathroom layout is about to have an upgrade.

Whether you’re sprucing up your ensuite or struggling to make your family bathroom feel more spacious, there are a few hacks that can maximise space and work with a small bathroom layout. Often overlooked but the most relaxing room in the home, it’s important to design the space to feel like a sanctuary where you can enjoy five minutes (or more) of peace and quiet. Our ideas are here to help everyone - from savvy DIY lovers to renters alike. And….relax.

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1. Consider Your Colour Palette

To make your bathroom feel more open, consider narrowing your colour palette down to just a few colours. Keeping a neutral base of whites, creams and light greys will make the room feel more airy and bright, tricking the eye into there being more space. As you want this room to be relaxing while you complete your skincare routine or soak in the bath, consider which colours bring you joy. Blue symbolises serenity and has calming properties. Due to the resemblance to the sea, it brings a nautical feel to your bathroom and works well for traditionalists. HAY’s blue laundry basket and Marimekko’s striped towels will add a peaceful seaside feel. For something more rustic, Madam Stoltz offers a collection of bathroom textiles and ornaments in earthy shades of olive and terracotta that will provide a tranquil setting for your well deserved down time.

2. Maximise Wall Space

Decorating your bathroom walls with mirrors, artwork, shelving, fixed towel racks and other space-saving fixtures will create depth and bring personality to the room. Paper Collective’s bold bathroom series of art prints will add a fun, colourful element without feeling too random. Alternatively, for something that serves a function, Japanese brand Yamazaki’s range of towel hangers and wall hooks are a sleek, minimalist option for space saving.

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3. Smart Storage Solutions

It goes without saying that there are lots of items that we usually store in the bathroom. From toiletries to towels and bath accessories, we want to store them in a way that is neat and tidy but easily accessible. Consider a slim wheelable storage trolley that can be easily moved around as and when you need to reach items. These also make a great side table for your book or warm drink at bath time. For a more artisanal feel, a hand woven storage basket for your towels or laundry will add personality. AARVEN works with small makers across the globe to ethically produce theirs, meaning your storage will be one of a kind and have a story to tell.

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4. On the Tiles

If you are a homeowner or have the landlord’s permission, updating the tiles can add the illusion of more space. Matching the size and colour of your wall and floor tiles creates a fresher, bigger canvas. You can also consider being creative with the placement of your tiles. Consider creating a mosaic pattern or tiling the side of your built in bath with an accent colour to add depth. No permission to tile your rental? No problem. With lots of choice for adhesive tile designs, you can update your bathroom as often as you like without making any permanent changes.

5. Curate a Green Oasis

No matter how small your space, there’s always room to add greenery to make the bathroom feel homely and provide some escapism. Consider using shelving space to add succulents in decorative plant pots. Adding hanging plants will bring a Mediterranean touch and create a relaxing energy. Just make sure you have plenty of light and don’t forget to water them.

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