The right lighting can change a room dramatically. Choose hanging pendants, classic table lamps or modern chandeliers for real personality. Create a modern and minimalist feel with rough concrete pendant lights with bare cables or naked bulbs strung up in rows, or opt for 1930’s glamour with an eye catching chandelier in geometric brass and glass.

Trouva’s lighting options are works of art in materials like gold, copper, concrete, ceramics and smooth polished wood. They are sourced from independent designers and artists that care about creating beautiful things, as well as where their materials are sourced and how they are made. You’ll find many handcrafted and traditionally made items that will last for years. Here are three of Trouva’s boutiques that can help to light up your home:

Tea and Kate started in 2013 with just a small Instagram following and has since blossomed into an emporium located on the coast of Suffolk. The boutique carefully curates a range of objects from around the world to bring new designers and brands to customers. It has an aesthetic that is eccentric and charming, but completely functional. Among the inspirational homewares, lifestyle products and kidswear you’ll find some unique lighting options. For something striking there’s the House Doctor floor lamp in black steel. It has slender and elegant legs that make it stand out in a simple room. For something more intimate, consider the HAY Cloche lamp for your bedside table. The cast iron dome comes in matt black or white and has a distinct Danishlook.

Another Country, found in London’s Marylebone, uses simple craft techniques and sustainable procedures to create their authentic wares. There are a wide range of wooden, cast iron and ceramic items that have been inspired by the British countryside style, Japanese woodwork and Scandinavian design. You’ll find ceramic cookware, handmade whistles with the bark still visible, pewter milk jugs or a collection of oak desk items. Another Country is a beautiful example of honest, unpretentious living with homewares that are designed to last a lifetime.

Another Country offers hanging light pendants in black, cream and terracotta. The First Light pendants are handcrafted from brass and ceramic. Designed by Canadian native Dana Cannam and crafted in the UK, these are simple and elegant lighting options that lend a definitive earthy feel to a room.

Finally, PAD Lifestyle is a collection of home items from far and wide. The boutique selects their fashion, accessories and homewares from a number of iconic international brands and independent labels. They also create their own range of bespoke furniture made from designer fabrics. This Edinburgh based boutique has stylish lighting options like a spherical copper wire pendant or the elegant Dancing pendant light designed by ISKOS-BERLIN which is shaped like a huge, flowing white skirt. You’ll also find smaller and more personal lights like the tiny Beige Marble Table Lamp that is made from marble and gold with an exposed bulb for a contemporary and industrial feel.

Trouva brings together the best in design, fashion and style by working with more than 150 of the UK’s independent boutiques. We carefully assess each store and curate a collection of items that we think you’ll love. Trouva gives these boutiques a platform to be seen by bringing them into the online world. You can now easily find the most beautiful and inspirational items that have been hidden away in Europe’s cobblestone streets. Trouva simply brings them all together in one place for your convenience, and by shopping here you’re helping these smaller retailers stay afloat in a sea of mass produced, uninspired design.


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