Friends of Trouva: Amuse La Bouche

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Datum der Erstellung 5. August

Wanting to inject some cottagecore charm into your space this spring? Meet Amuse La Bouche, the homeware brand bringing a little theatre to your everyday moments.

Spring stripes, flounced ruffles and picnic-inspired ginghams - if you’re looking for a little cottagecore this season, look no further than Amuse La Bouche's cushions and table linens, set to bring a dose of sunshine to your space.

With a focus on quality materials and expert craftsmanship, Amuse La Bouche was born out of founder Georgie’s desire to enhance the everyday moments, from curling up on the sofa with a good book and Amuse La Bouche’s signature ruffled cushions, to dressing up the dining table with some bold stripes for Sunday lunch.

Join us as we chat to founder Georgie about creating Amuse La Bouche’s signature look, the perfect dinner party and bringing theatre to the everyday.

Hi Georgie! When and why did you start Amuse La Bouche?

The idea for Amuse La Bouche started in 2019 and it all stemmed from around the kitchen table. I love to entertain friends and family over good food & wine and I wanted to create a joyous collection to decorate and enhance these moments.

I did a lot of work experience straight out of university and worked in retail on the shop floor. This led to a freelance job as a homeware design assistant which I was very fortunate to get. I learnt very quickly on the job and realised I really loved designing and creating products that had an end purpose and that people could use in their homes.

Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

I studied Fine Art and I take a lot of inspiration from modernist paintings and drawings. But the best source of creativity for me is travel and in particular India, the colours there are so vivid and the craftsmanship is incredible.

To create a new collection I start by doing a lot of research and in particular like going to galleries - the V&A is always a good starting point. I then create mood boards with images and swatches, then get drawing.

How do you create your signature prints?

I work quite fast, so I like to draw and paint lots - in particular I love working with inks - then I see what is working and take the collection in a certain direction from there. I then scan everything in and play around on the computer. I think the hand painted element is really key in keeping a unique aesthetic.

What does a day in the life look like at Amuse La Bouche?

I start my day with a long dog walk to tire out my puppy so I can do some work! I then get cracking on emails with a hot cup of coffee. I try to make time in the afternoon to focus on the creative side of the business as this is my favourite part and what keeps me ticking.

What's been a real highlight for you since starting the brand?

Doing a collaboration with KITRI really felt like the start of something exciting. I loved working with Haeni and the team and the combination of homeware and fashion coming together was really inspiring.

Your collections include lots of tableware perfect for hosting, what's your idea of the perfect dinner party?

A long table in a spring meadow with lots of homemade food and delicious wine, lots of friends, a live band and of course some ALB linens.

What's next for you?

More collaborations, more innovations and more colour! Trusted Site