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Absolut Cashmere

Founded in 2005, Absolut Cashmere specialise in sustainably sourced cashmere from Inner Mongolia, where they have their own cashmere production centre that allows them to oversee their cashmere’s journey from start to finish. Local breeders harvest the wool from their goats in springtime, when the goats no longer need their long coasts to keep warm. A special comb is employed for the job, ensuring just the right amount is obtained of the highest standard. The fibres are then cleaned with biodegradable detergents, keeping the process eco-friendly and sustainable for the local community. Absolut Cashmere have developed 30 captivating colours of cashmere and a range that includes sweaters, cardigans, ponchos, scarves, hats and gloves, as well as a menswear line. What’s more, if you send Absolut Cashmere an 100% cashmere sweater, they’ll recycle it for you and gift you a €30 voucher for your trouble. Trusted Site