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West Stanton Store


About West Stanton Store

West Stanton is the destination lifestyle store where everyone’s welcome. Young, old, big, small, online browsers, email chatters. We love getting to know each one. The things we sell are big on style and conscience. Independent toys, books, clothes, essentials, gifts, blankets or anything else for life in the trenches with kids. We know it can be quite the ride - so you should have excellent things for the journey.

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From the founder

I hope you love what we are about!


Why I started...

We started online around four years ago while I was on maternity leave with my first son. I was fed up of seeing the same things for children in all the highstreet shops so started buying in bits I liked from small brands and larger european brands. Things kept going slowly in the background until around 18months ago when I decided to make the business my full time gig and then during a global pandemic we opened our first shop! Trusted Site