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          About Starstyling

          Colorful Streetwear Fashion * Made in Berlin * Hundreds of unique arty designs. Handpaintings - Silkscreens - Shiny Metallic Transfers - Glow in the Dark We Approach Fashion from the Viewpoint of Art. High-quality fashion for women, men & kids. Handcrafted in Berlin. „starstyling is one of the most original labels from Berlin“. Love It Or Leave It !

          From the founder

          Katja Schlegel earned her degree from the renowned ‘Akademie der Bildenenden Künste’ in Stuttgart Germany. She focuses on creative direction and design. Kai Seifried has a communications degree from ‘Stuttgart University’ and his prominent position is the area of business development and production. Both founding members hold more than 10 years of styling, costume-, stage-design and production experience. Their fields of work range from the high powered advertising industry and TV, to the creative theatre world and finally lead them to their own fashion label - !


          special clothes for special people

          Since launchingin in the years 2000, starstyling has amassed a following made up of artist of any kind as dancers, performers, dj´s, art directors, and many more . It has become an integral part of the German fashion scene and is recognised as an embodiment of Berlin's creative spirit.