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About Rrriot

Always open, always awesome! Affordable sustainable and ethical fashion. Rrriot is an international concept store established in 2011 that brings exclusive emerging and contemporary brands to Turin. A selection of unique pieces in limited quantity, with a special focus on ethical and sustainable production. Our shop is located in a multiethnic neighborhood, full of handcrafted activities, shops and night life. With two open air markets, near to the city centre, is connected with the subway, easy to reach, cool to enjoy.

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From the founder

I opened Rrriot in September 2011 with the aim of giving shape to what fashion means for me: the most immediate and effective expression of ourselves. My passion for the Scandinavian capitals and their unique architecture, the minimal Nordic design have always influenced my idea of style. With special attention to sustainable and ethical production, I offer a fine selection of uniques pieces in limited quantity. Trusted Site