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About Rikiki

Nestled in Stuttgarts trendy Heusteigviertel, you can tell immediately what it is that makes Rikiki (french: something very small) stand out: we show how to tastefully style a corner, a sideboard or a wall by cleverly arranging big and small pieces in decorative vignettes. Rikiki offers a lovingly combined selection of home accessories and small furniture like pillows, vases, lamps and much more, in various styles from vintage to modern, Scandinavian to exotic. Clients say it feels like treasure hunting where they can discover something new every time. The treasure doesn’t cost a fortune, because everything is in an affordable price range. We collect these precious finds from designers and retailers around the world, look out for unique vintage pieces, one-of-a-kind prototypes and quirky objects. Following a simple philosophy – inspire and hopefully make you smile.

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From the founder

"Hours and hours of searching, digging in damp containers filled to the brim with old stools, vases, tables and quirky objects you can’t even name, leads to this one moment: you spot one particular piece. You envision how to remodel, rewire, maybe paint it and you think of this one client for whom this precious piece is just perfect. Imagine it placed in their livingroom or office, you name it. A few weeks pass, you present the treasure, hold your breath – and see them smile.“ Trusted Site