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About Percy Langley

Our seasonal edits are a celebration of a modern British aesthetic; hardworking investment pieces with a quintessential charm, peppered with a healthy dose of British humour. Our collections feature the most sought after garments from independent British clothing and jewellery designers, alongside rare vintage finds. Our designers are positively disrupting the fashion industry, with a focus on slowing down clothing production and making garments designed to be worn for years to come. The majority of our clothing is British made; honouring the artisanal heritage of British clothing known for its superior quality and timeless style. We consistently strive to accelerate conscientious consumerism by adopting more sustainable production methods and eco conscious commercial practice. We help our customers to make informed and responsible choices evoking happiness and peace of mind in designer, maker and wearer, alike.

From the founder

Sustainability is at the core of Percy Langley's business, all our products have been selected with conscientious consumerism in mind. Bridging the gap in the market between mass-produced fast-fashion and premium design brands. The range is purposefully edited, with the selection of designers growing regularly to improve customer choice. The curated selection of independent makers and designers are of the highest quality, whilst remaining affordable. Trusted Site