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Movement Boutique

About Movement Boutique

Movement Boutique is a lifestyle store located on The Mall in Clifton Village, Bristol. The boutique opened in March 2016, and features a lovingly curated selection of fashion, gifts and homeware sourced by sisters Marcelle and Leah. Passionate about supporting ethical and sustainable labels, the sisters source products from suppliers around the world and also place great importance on providing outstanding customer care.

From the founder

I have always loved nice things, and I wanted to try and source as many products for the boutique from ethical and sustainable sources. When we opened in 2016, we were something of a trailblazer, selling so many clothes, gifts and homeward that were sustainable and ethical. Many of the brands we stock have lovely stories behind them, which we always love to share with our customers.


A View of the New Shop On the Mall in 2019

I started the boutique in 2015, and we opened in 2016. My sister Leah, has been by my side the whole way through. I had worked in the public and charity sectors for almost thirty years, and I wanted to do something different. I wanted to bring my values into the business, and to offer beautiful things that were not made at the cost of the environment or that exploited the people who made them. We opened in Clifton in 2015, and in 2019 we moved our boutique to a prestigious location on The Mall, in Clifton Village. We pride ourselves in customer service, and from the beginning we have secured a very loyal customer following. They know they will find something different to the offer on the high street, and something that is unique to Bristol. They know we will help them in any way we can, and by being honest and open with our customers we have built solid relationships.