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About Mhor in Store

Mhor in Store is more than a shop, it’s a family affair and a labour of love. Curated by Lisa May Lewis and her husband Tom, it’s filled with their favourite things, from cashmere to kindling, antiques to accessories, and with even more in store. Located in the beautiful Braes of Balquihidder it nestles between two of Scotland’s most (in)famous hotels, frequented by travelers (and more than a few famous faces) from all over the world. Much like those who visit, what you find when you step through the door are treasures foraged from as far afield as India and as close to home as the glorious Highland countryside glimpsed through the windows. Inside it’s a Narnia of those things that make life better, the perfect blend of hotel kitchen, boutique boudoir, luxurious living room and kitchen garden, with a sprinkle of Lisa May’s wardrobe thrown in for good measure.

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From the founder

Mhor in Store is an endeavor that gives me no end of pleasure. Not only do we get to collect the things from around the world that make us happy, it allows us to share with locals and visitors alike what it is that makes Mhor so special. Born through years of travel and meeting some of the most remarkable makers, Mhor in Store is our home from home.


Dr Osbourne's Scottish Dry Gin

Curated by Lisa May Lewis and her husband Tom, Mhor in Store is more than just a treasure trove of their favourite finds from across the globe, it’s the home of their very own Dr Osbourne’s Gin. Available in two distinct distillations, Dr Osbourne’s No.99 and Dr Osbourne’s No.46 reflect Lisa and Tom’s distinct palettes through a unique blend of botanicals. And they’re bloody great! Trusted Site