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          Marshes and Flint

          About Marshes and Flint

          We are a small local award winning business offering beautiful things for intentional ways of living. We are seeking to make a difference in our shared and diverse world by finding outstandingly beautiful pieces which are investments rather than just purchases. We strongly believe in ethically sourced, sustainable, well made products whose beauty lies not only in the quality of their outward appearance, but where they come from and where they are going. We care about the whole journey of a ‘thing’ from seed to heirloom, and the lives and communities that are impacted along the way. For us that means hospitality, which is what makes our space, whether online or in-store, different from your usual shopping experience. You are welcome to pop in and out and grab a purchase, but this is more than a marketplace, it is a space where you can connect, share, and collaborate.

          From the founder

          "My life has been shaped, surrounded and nurtured by the Norfolk landscape, its landmarks, seasons, smells and tastes. Two of Norfolk’s most familiar sights became the core inspiration for this business, its marshes, and its flintstone. Together they symbolize the cyclic rhythm and longevity of this very special place; the marshes shift and respond to the constant ebb and flow of tide, moon, and season, while flint carries an ancient strength and remains resilient to the passing of time. I firmly believe in drawing inspiration from everything around us and being able to teach our children the value of our relationship with nature and the impact we can have on it, and it on us. "

          This boutique is temporarily unable to fulfill orders.

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