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          Manalena Concept Store

          About Manalena Concept Store

          "When you think about it, department stores are kind of like museums. Andy Warhol A point of sale, or the selection of articles pursues the logic of an innovative lifestyle, thoughtful, anticipating trends inspired by art in all its forms: visual, graphic, sound, culinary, ready-to-wear. A disorder meticulously ordered according to the abstract rules of the sixth sense, that of the heart, empathy and feelings. A point of encounter, exchange and real discovery materialized in a unique enveloping shell imagined to measure. In order to create a universe adapted to the new consumer society, intelligent, thoughtful, informed, seeking experience, wonder and new stimuli ever more unconventional and curious but supported by values ​​and a certain morality . The identity of MANALENA is positive in that it does not have borders to offer a varied offer ranging from fashion at home to culture and art, globally contained in the theme of the art of live. The store unearths with sense of all horizons and organizes punctually events proposing new experiences. Moving away from the traditional Fast Fashion department stores to the many fitting rooms and the no-nonsense items, MANALENA embodies the new desire of the human store and is tastefully personalized with an entertaining dimension.

          Round Neckline Viscose Sweater
          From Manalena Concept Store

          Otto D Ame Round Neckline Viscose Sweater