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Loretta Cosima

About Loretta Cosima

The beautiful loretta cosima shop with its own label and screen printing studio offers carefully selected, unique products from Austria and around the world. There is a balanced mix of smaller and larger labels and designers from the areas of interior and decoration, jewellery and accessories, stationery, as well as beautiful items for children's rooms and wardrobes for the little ones. There is a constantly changing and balanced mixture of different designers to discover from the areas of the interior, decoration, stationery, kids design, jewellery and accessories. Loretta Cosima's playful, romantic, nature-inspired patterns and motifs are hand-drawn and screen-printed on different textiles in their own studio, or adorned as digital prints, for example, notebooks, magnets and cups. The designs are usually very delicate, a little cheeky, often with a little irony and wit and make you smile again and again. Trusted Site