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About LNV Home

LNV Home offer unique pieces and contemporary collection of furniture and accessories. Represent works by emerging talents and old iconic pieces. The boutique is complement contemporary design with the work of Artists, photos, painting and handcrafts objects. LNV Home focus on the presentation of limited edition pieces and to the continual search for exclusive pieces. There will be a particular emphasis on objects that embrace sustainability and innovation, without compromising on poetic and timeless aesthetics.

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From the founder

I attach great importance to the atmosphere of the space, to the feeling of well-being. I love to make every space not only comfortable but fluid, functional and beautiful. Because, for me, the beauty of a place, like that of a piece of furniture and decorative objects, lies in its line, its material, its colour, in its ability to open our eyes, your mind, to arouse our curiosity, to welcome our body, to facilitate our actions, to open us to the commitment to and the exchange of ideas. In short, with this new period our interior has become essential, we must feel good there, and it must provide a space in which we can relax. Trusted Site