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About Hygge Lifestyle

Hygge Lifestyle opened in Feb 2019, my first foray into retail, although i had helped a friend with their boutique shop for a couple of years, and had learned an invaluable amount. But this was to be my own shop in my image with my ethos, which was to be as ethical as possible, to find UK artisans, people who make something unique/ different and beautiful, and also those international items that are truly fair trade and so very different from UK items. To not stock things for a throw away culture, but have things that people will love and want to keep forever, that help make a home truly comfy, for jewelry and handbags that are unique and different from the high street. To be plastic free where we can and recycle where we cant, to use zero waste companies, to find up cycled items that look and feel amazing. To add scents and fragrances that are natural and uplifting. I feel we have achieved that and will continue to strive to meet those ideals as we grow and progress.

This boutique is temporarily unable to fulfill orders.

In the meantime you can find more of our best boutiques here.