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      About Elegant Atelier

      Elegant Atelier is small independent boutique for women, full of exciting brands such as Air&Grace, Ba&sh, Transit, Pomandere, ATP Atelier, Kokoon, AG Jeans, Humanoid, Stine Goya, Baum und Pferdgarten and more… Packed with interesting & clothing, jewellery, accessories and gifts all carefully sourced by the owner, Sinead O'Loghlen from France, Italy, Norway, Sweden & Denmark and further afield. The store has been an early stockist of many new, upcoming brands, mixed with more established ones. Everything is presented with the ambience of a small boutique in Paris or Copenhagen, with a warm welcome and good old-fashioned customer service…

      From the founder

      "As a small niche independent store the time and cost of launching online on our own was a bit scary, but through Trouva we have been able to grow our business and tap into a much wider audience of loyal followers!"


      What’s in the name Elegant Atelier

      Art and design have always been a real passion for me, so running a boutique was the perfect way to combine my business experience with my love of fashion. Moving to Cambridge from Dublin, gave me the opportunity open Elegant Atelier after years of thinking about it. The name captured the philosophy of my business ideas and what was important for my store. Elegant; discerning, sophisticated, distinguished or classic in appearance. Atelier; an artisan’s workshop or studio.