About Clay

Increasingly dismayed at the ever-growing presence of chain stores in El Born, one of Barcelona's most authentic neighbourhoods, friends Helena, Paula and Gustavo decided to take action. They opened CLAY, a homewares boutique that acts as an alternative to the mass produced and ubiquitous. By foregrounding unique and handcrafted items, the trio are bringing the concept of 'slow shopping' back to their city, one customer at a time.

From the founder

"What's in store for the future of retail? We believe that we're living through a time of immense change, where technology is increasingly useful and valuable but where small businesses are also gaining strength. Boutiques like ours can provide customers with a personal experience and unique, handpicked products that chains can never replicate."

This boutique is currently on holiday until 10 April 2020. Orders will be processed after they return.

This boutique is currently unable to fulfill orders.

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