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About Bumble Bee

Based in the thriving neighbourhood of Jesmond in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Bumble Bee is a stylish boutique owned by Vanessa Stephenson. Spanning two properties, one of the Bumble Bee shop spaces is filled with beautifully curated womenswear and lifestyle items, while the other focuses on giftware and accessories. As well as creating a unique two-fold shopping experience, this diverse product range means that every customer is sure to walk away with something they love.

From the founder

"I have always wanted to share great products that are beautiful, useful, good value for money and (most importantly) something a little bit different."


A childhood dream translated into a grown up reality.

I have always wanted to own a shop. A sweet shop when I was a child but that developed into a love of fashion. When my parents became unwell it pushed me into just going for it. There was a shop available on the best street in Jesmond and my husband gave me the green light to follow my dreams! The dream was to create a store that sells fabulous fashion that is affordable and unusual. It was important to become part of the community as well. It is so lovely to see returning faces season after season. I wanted to create somewhere that makes people feel spoilt with gorgeous collections and beautiful packaging, as well as amazing gift wrapping that we always seem to find on our foreign travels, and you know what, along with my amazing team, I think we deliver that every day!