Bearsteps Coffee & Cloth

About Bearsteps Coffee & Cloth

Bearsteps Coffee & Cloth is a boutique and cafe based in Shrewsbury run by Delavieje Nahvi. After graduating in 2010 with a degree in fashion design, Delavieje gained experience in design, luxury fashion and business through working in a bridal shop. A trip around Europe with her partner sparked a love for the relaxed, laid back cafe culture in cities such as Berlin and Amsterdam. On her return, Delavieje combined her love of coffee and design and set up Bearsteps Coffee & Cloth with an aim to create a welcoming space for different ages and demographics which offers high quality and design- led products alongside coffee and a place to catch up with friends. Located in a 15th century Tudor building, the décor is kept to a minimal to highlight the shop’s original features and give the shop floor a unique character.

From the founder

"Inspired by our time travelling around Europe, we wanted to combine our passion for cafe culture and design; to serve great coffee alongside beautiful clothing and accessories." Delavieje, Bearsteps Coffee and Cloth.