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          About Anatome

          Frenetic modern lifestyles demand a thoughtful approach to wellbeing. Understanding the need for a simplified, streamlined approach, anatomē was created with a desire to provide intuitive, uncomplicated support that was easy for our customers to navigate. anatomē launched just one year ago and is the latest brainchild from Brendan Murdock, the founder of hugely successful male grooming brand, Murdock London. Brendan alongside his team (some of the very best sports scientists, aromachologists and nutritionists) have created a collection of products that combine beneficial, rare botanical ingredients alongside proven scientific research, which in turn offer sensory pleasure with an improved sense of wellbeing at the forefront. This collection of therapeutic oils, health supplements, organic skincare, and nutrition appointments and services will support you through your daily life and you will also find prescriptive advice, purposeful product solutions and tailored routines that are completely bespoke. You can either visit our wonderful store on Piccadilly, St James, London, and discover an assortment of products and services to help you be your very best or enjoy discovering them here on Trouva.

          From the founder

          “When I created anatomē in 2018 it was borne out of a personal focus on my physical and mental health after a period of immense stress. Working with botanicals and essential oils throughout my entrepreneurial projects, from restaurants to men's grooming, I have always understood their power to invigorate and support both Mind + Body."


          Our collections

          Originally from Ireland, Brendan Murdock is an award-winning entrepreneur created anatomē it was borne out of his own focus on physical and mental health after a period of immense stress. Based in London, Brendan had been looking for a retail environment where he could purchase high quality contemporary health products with the expert advice needed to incorporate them into his lifestyle. Brendan quickly found that such a store didn’t exist and so began the anatomē journey. Some background on Brendan, he founded the influential men's grooming company, Murdock London, in Shoreditch, directing the brand for ten years. Leading the way to a new wave of luxury men’s grooming spaces that was more accessible for men but still offered a premium edit of product. Previously, he launched CRU a restaurant and bar that redefined the traditional wine bar. Innovative for its time, the restaurant won a number of awards and became a unique destination in London's fashionable Hoxton area. For several years, Brendan had been considering how to reinvent the conventional and often sterile retail experience that marks the high street 'health' store. Bringing together his experience of beauty, fragrance and nutrition Brendan shaped the brand anatomē, whereby he created a health space that offered a blend of traditional and emotional health products in a clear coherent way that was easy to digest for consumers. He lives in Shoreditch with his partner Mark and their dog Dodger.