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About 110yards

With it's original parquet flooring, dark ceiling and light walls, 110yards is the calmest of shopping spaces, yet full of inspiration. A space where you can find the products that we fall in love with and know that you will want to own or to gift. A space that is just so nice to hang out in you don't even realise you are shopping. Our carefully curated Menswear collection is complemented by Amazing Grooming products, Homeware & Stationary, Speakers & Socks, Bags & Fragrances. There's always something new, a true Lifestyle store!

From the founder

I've always loved shopping and retail has been my passion for as long as I can remember. My goal is to buy products that you will want to own and will love the experience of purchasing. Walking out of the shop with that brown paper bag will make you smile. Trusted Site